TEL Newsletter – July 2018

TEL Newsletter – July 2018

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011, initially to share jam-making recipes. We publicise the great technical work that Shine does, and raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader in the community through blogs, local meetup talks, and conference presentations. We curate all the noteworthy things that Shiners have been up to and publish a newsletter, this very one that you’re reading right now. Hey, when you read this, whose voice do you hear in your head? Is it mine? Or yours? Everything I read is in Frank Walker from National Tiles’ voice, please help me. Read on for this edition.


  • Kristen wrote about her experiences at the Semi-Permanent conference, an exclusive gathering of designers and arty types. All their discussions were couched in literary allusions, peppered with bon mots, and accompanied by nicely-drawn diagrams.

    Photo from the Semi-Permanent Conference. Kristen is the one wearing the feathered hat.

  • Ben Atkinson, not to be confused with Ben Teese (the “Ben” is a name, not a title like “Darth”, I have learned) , told us about NativeScript – a way to use Angular in native apps.
    group of men and women smiling while looking at phone

    “OMG, friends. NativeScript is so awesome. Lattes for everyone!” Photo by on


  • Jim Kim attended a workshop on Progressive Web Apps and wrote about what he learned. PWAs are the natural enemies of native apps, and therefore Jim Kim and Ben Atkinson are never allowed to meet.

    Last meeting of the PWAs vs Native Apps

  • Yogi told us all about the recent Angular Conference in Melbourne. Many different angles were covered, including all your favourites like right, obtuse and acute – heck, even the controversial reflex angle.
    group of people forming star using their hands

    Attendees of the Angular Conference display some of their favourite acute angles. Photo by Zun Zun on

  • Gareth hoped that he fooled everyone into thinking he attended Google Next. This was mostly done by cribbing from Google blog posts, to cover up the fact that he spent the week in jail after being arrested for disturbing San Francisco’s seal population.
    group of sea lion

    The seals provided no comment for this article and wished to put the terrible ordeal behind them. Photo by Pascal Renet on

Presentations & meetups:

  • Matt “Spider-Man” Fraser presented at the GDG Cloud Melbourne meetup, covering his experiments with AutoML. Matt now dresses as Spider-Man all the time, claiming it to be part of his “brand” or something.
  • Cliff “Cliff” Subagio presented at the Adobe Immerse online conference. An online conference is just as good as a real conference, honest, and not at all like a Skype chat with your grandmother.

Upcoming things & other random news:

  • Ben Teese will be spreading his tentacles to NDC Sydney in September, speaking about building cross-platform React apps and how to crush your enemies under the feet of your army of followers.
  • Cliff Subagio will speak at Jenkins World again this year in September. Cliff has been involved with Jenkins for many years, back when it was called Hudson, and before that when it was called “Lower Class Man Servant”, and even when it was called “Resentful Seething Downtrodden Underclass Fomenting Rebellion”.
  • Yes, I recycled these last two from the previous month’s newsletter. It’s not like anybody reads this far anyway, and I can’t keep coming up with jokes like a machine. I’m just human. Leave me alone.
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