We are always on the look out for awesome people to join our team. We love passionate, intelligent people with high integrity – if you don’t have integrity the rest is irrelevant.

Why work for Shine

Shine exists to create a culture and environment for people who are passionate about technology to deliver excellence in software and business outcomes for our clients.

Our culture is deeply technical. We love learning and sharing our experiences with each other, our clients and software communities. We provide time and incentives for our people to share via our blog, Guilds around specific technologies, regular forums in our office, usually accompanied by food and drinks, as well as presenting at meet-ups and conferences.

That’s why you’ll find Shiners featured in videos with Google, forums and case studies with Amazon and tweets from technology innovators. Our Technical Excellence Leadership (TEL) group ensures that we are early adopters and history-makers in applying new technologies to help our clients improve their businesses.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here are some insights directly from our team members, gathered in our 2019 Engagement Survey.

  • “My manager consistently shows consideration for me as a person” – 96%
  • “Shine provides a work environment that is open and accepts individual differences” – 99%
  • “Shine provides me with a good range of options for my training needs” – 98%
  • “Shine respects my non-work time” – 98%
  • “Given the opportunity, I say great things about working at Shine” – 96%

If you’re interested in a career @ Shine, please email your CV or questions to jobs@shinesolutions.com

We are currently looking for:

Shine is seeking developers with strong backend software development/technical experience across multiple business contexts, languages (mainly Java with Spring), and environments.

Frontend Developers
Shine is seeking developers with strong frontend software development/technical backgrounds across multiple business contexts, languages (mainly Javascript with React and Angular), and environments.

DevOps Engineers
Shine is seeking DevOps Engineers with strong sysadmin/ops backgrounds in sizable organisations, experience with AWS and/or GCP and a passion for automating everything.

Graduate Developers
Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate outstanding passion for technology and how they deliver excellence in software.

If you’re interested in a career @ Shine, please email your CV or questions to jobs@shinesolutions.com

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