Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is used by many large Australian businesses to manage their websites. Amazon Web Services (AWS) similarly has unparalleled Australian IaaS and PaaS market share.

Given the large and important client/user communities, implementing AEM on AWS quickly, reliably and repeatably with bank-strength security, resilience, performance and disaster recovery should be easy, right? Well, maybe.

Since 2013, Shine Solutions has been implementing, production-hardening and upgrading AEM on AWS for two large Australian banks and a large Australian integrated healthcare provider. During these years of experience, we’ve learned how to combine these two very powerful business tools to help our clients to provide fast, secure, flexible, reliable digital platforms for their customers and staff.

This has led to common architectural patterns, re-use and automation possibilities which save our clients time, resources and cost when implementing and upgrading AEM on AWS. We’re talking 15 minute deployments.

Based on the experience from working with our clients and partners Adobe and Amazon, we have open-sourced the non-competitive elements of these learnings to make them available for enterprises who would like to benefit from them.

We call this open-source platform AEM OpenCloud.

Google and Alibaba are talking to Shine about extending AEM OpenCloud to their platforms also, which would provide organisations using AEM OpenCloud with the ability to rapidly switch between cloud providers.

In May 2018, Cliff Subagio (Senior Consultant, Shine – AEM OpenCloud Initiator and Caretaker) presented AEM OpenCloud to an enthusiastic AEM meetup community at Shine’s Headquarters in Melbourne. A similar meetup is being planned for Shine’s Sydney office after Adobe Symposium around August or September 2018.

For more detail, including a copy of Cliff’s presentation, please contact

AEM Meetup Cliff preso

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