Data Engineering & Analytics

Unlock the insights in your data

Leverage the latest data engineering techniques to turn data into insights.

Ingesting, integrating and preparing data for analysis from disparate sources can be complex.  Turning insights into actionable events is even harder.

Data Lakes address some of the challenges, but not all. You can scale more easily, add more users, handle unstructured data more effectively, but you still risk the same data challenges: issues of integrity, sensitivity and access control.

Shine utilises the latest cloud-based data engineering solutions to optimise the analysis of huge datasets without the complexity, costs and headaches associated with managing a traditional enterprise data infrastructure.

Google Cloud Specialisation in Data Analytics

Our proficiency and experience with Google Cloud is acknowledged by Google awarding Shine a Specialisation in Data Analytics for demonstrating ‘repeated customer success’ with ‘industry leading competencies’.

Broad and deep expertise

Our team of data architects and engineers can formulate and rapidly execute solutions incorporating:

Data & analytics strategy

Data Lakes, Big Data, Data Warehousing:

Strategy, design, architecture, and development

Platform health-check

Data ingestion, integration, and streaming

Data cleansing, quality, and transformation

Data governance and security

Business Intelligence and data visualisation

Operating model advisory

Managed platform

Machine Learning

Make data driven predictions about the future with machine learning. Leverage your existing structured and unstructured data including documents, speech, images, audio & video – to learn from it and forecast future behaviour and outcomes.

Practical applications of machine learning include:

Audio transcription and Natural Language processing

Sentiment analysis of customer interactions


Identifying objects and people in images or video

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