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Empowering our enterprise and government partners with pragmatic technology solutions Careers About us

What we do

Modernise, innovate and accelerate your business transformation with our pragmatic and disciplined engineering.

How we partner with our clients

Our values drive strong customer partnerships

By immersing ourselves in your environment and partnering with your team, we deliver business value efficiently and reliably.

People-first partnering

Our people-led culture means hiring and nurturing the right talent to work in a deep partnering relationship with you.

Pragmatic delivery

Upholding a disciplined and pragmatic approach, we prioritise reality over theory, to deliver optimal business value.

Sharing deep expertise

We empower your people with our deep tech and business process knowledge.

Integrity above all

Integrity is ingrained in all we do. That means honest fearless advice and honouring our word, so you can count on us to deliver.

What our customers say

With our highly-regarded people immersed in our clients’ environments, we establish trusted deep relationships.

“Shine’s AWS expertise has been key for running the non-cloud-native Adobe Experience Manager successfully in AWS. Shine’s approach to partnering combined with technical skills in delivery and training to uplift our workforce has been key to success, while not building a solution that we cannot support when our engagement is complete.”

Brendan Colson

Acting Head Of Technology, Digital Content & Customer Communications

“Shine’s AWS knowledge and experience has been instrumental for our most recent project and our ongoing support. Without their involvement we wouldn’t have been able to maintain project velocity whilst simultaneously up-skilling the team. With Shine we have reduced our AWS costs, up-skilled our team and are now better positioned for ongoing success.”

Hayden Smith

Manager Engineer,
Content Applications & Digital Content

Who we work with

Because we consistently deliver value, more than half our customers have been with Shine for 10+ years.

Our people

Because our people and our values are our difference, we have fastidious standards for recruitment. Here’s some of our diverse team.


Senior Analyst


Software Engineer


Senior Engineer


Digital Architect


Managing Consultant


Talent Acquisition


DevOps Specialist


Senior QA Engineer

Insights & customer stories

Designing and building a cloud-based data hub, analytics and reporting solution.

Mitigated risk of mission-critical platform failure, with AEM OpenCloud.

Tech insights from our Shiners

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