What’s the problem we’re actually trying to solve?

Out at Shine's various client sites, our teams often meet to discuss the pros and cons of various technical solutions. And in the past, there was one particular Shine manager who, if he was in attendance, would regularly pipe up and ask the question: what's the problem we're actually trying to solve here? Whilst it was kind of annoying at the time, it's now grown to be one of the most common questions I ask in solution design meetings. In this post I'm going to talk about why it's so important, why we tend to shy away from asking it, and how you can go about answering it.

TEL Newsletter – December 2019

By Santa's great dangly baubles, it's been twelve whole months since the last TEL newsletter. It's a wonder that the TEL group, who exist to publicise the great technical work that the people of Shine Solutions do, don't just fire that guy that writes these posts. Or doesn't write them, more accurately. Saddle up the reindeer, we've got a lot to cover - including finding out if you can actually saddle a reindeer.