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Building applications to be secure and reliable is only part of the solution. When anything can fail at any moment and we want to release all the time, there is no place for human error.

DevOps is a philosophy and working approach. Continuous integration, deployment and delivery (CI/CD) is the essence of DevOps. By aligning Dev and Ops together, processes can be put in place to deliver new application features more rapidly whilst maintaining system reliability and security.

Even some of the smallest process improvements can bring increased efficiency, cost savings and improved speed to market which can help your business maintain a competitive advantage.

Shine’s DevOps engineers have expertise in the increasingly complex cloud environments on which modern applications are deployed – architecting and performance-managing highly-available, scalable and fault tolerant infrastructures and creating rapid code deployment pipelines.


With a world’s-best-practice DevSecOps approach, Shine ensures enterprise security compliance is embedded into the pipeline, applications, and infrastructure. By codifying and automating it into the deployment pipeline, code releases can still be delivered quickly and securely. Agile pragmatic security that enables rather than hinders.

Shine’s Dev(Sec)Ops approach addresses:

Dev(Sec)Ops assessment & strategy

Continuous Delivery

Environment Management

Infrastructure Automation

Testing Automation

Cloud security assessment

Container strategy

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