Your pragmatic cloud journey partner

Client focussed and human-centred.
Everything we build is about people.

By continually investing in our talent and empowering your team with the most relevant leading-edge knowledge, your long-term commercial outcomes are our goal.

Our profile

Privately owned with a team of over 100 consultants & engineers

Founded in 1998, we’ve been trusted by clients for 22-years

More than half our clients have been with us for 10+ years

100% of our team is on-shore in Melbourne & Sydney

More than 8-years experience
in the cloud

No ring-fencing or retaining IP.
We empower your teams

Our approach

We are technology consultants and software developers specialising in Digital Platforms & Apps, AWS Cloud Solutions, Cloud Managed Services, and more.

By immersing ourselves in your environment and partnering with your team, we empower you to leverage the cloud – with practical, high-value solutions.

We don’t assume that a ‘lift and shift’ approach will always deliver optimal outcomes. And we don’t rebuild it all, just for the sake of it.

Disciplined and focused, our team creates solutions using the cloud and your existing assets to deliver consistent business impact and long-term flexibility.

We also take the time to understand your environment intimately so we can guide you down the most cost-effective, future-proof path. It’s all about helping you achieve tangible, lasting impact.

Our values drive our approach

People first

We love technology and its many powerful possibilities. But for us, people come first.

That’s why we never lose sight of our underlying goal: to serve human needs through the systems and solutions we craft.

How do we do it? Through our intimate understanding of the way technology can enable your people – and delight your customers.

And by hiring the right talent to work with you, our people-led culture is always front and centre.

Pragmatic delivery

When it comes to technology, change is a certainty. But how you respond is firmly in your control.

Upholding a disciplined and pragmatic approach, we don’t recommend change for change’s sake. And we never over-service your business.

We only rewrite where we should. And we only rebuild when we should.

By prioritising reality over theory, we deliver business outcomes with best-fit solutions.

Sharing deep expertise

We don’t partner with you to prove our rich expertise. We partner with you to share it.

Through our leadership and support, we’ll empower your people with deep tech and business process knowledge.

It’s the only way to achieve optimal business outcomes that bring you value over the long term.

Integrity above all

At Shine, integrity is more than a platitude. It’s ingrained in all we do.

We see every interaction as an opportunity to build trust. For us, that means honouring our word and staying true to our values – no matter what challenges this may bring.

Through our genuine commitment and true accountability, your deadlines, budgets and deliverables will be in safe hands.

Our key partner accreditations

Our government panel approvals

Our people

Because our people and our values are our difference, we have fastidious standards for recruitment. Here’s some of our diverse team.


Managing Consultant


Managing Consultant


Senior Engineer


Senior Consultant


Senior Engineer


Talent Acquisition


Head of Talent Acquisition


Senior DevOps Engineer


Analyst Software Engineer


Senior QA Engineer


Principal Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Senior Engineer


Software Engineer


Managing Consultant


DevOps Specialist

Our leadership team

Luke Alexander


Mark Johnson


Cameron Stirling

General Manager, People & Culture

James Brooks

General Manager, Sales and Strategy

Social & Environmental Responsibility

As a people-first business, we are committed to treating everyone with respect, fairness and equity, and we strive to act in an environmentally sustainable way.
Shine proudly endorses the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and UN Global Compact.