Technical Overview and Resources

Highly configurable & customisable

Hundreds of configuration parameters with sane defaults. Multiple build and runtime customisation points.

AWS-optimised modular design

AWS is the industry-leading platform supported by AEM OpenCloud, however the open source libraries provide the building blocks to support other cloud platforms.

Security focused

Architecture design has a minimal blast radius, and there is regular dependencies vulnerability scanning.

Two architectures

A Full-set architecture that suits prod/pre-prod environments, with auto-recovery and auto-scaling, blue/green deployment, and multi-level backup. An AEM Consolidated Architecture to suit dev and test environments, with a lower cost tiny footprint.


Library codebase, machine images and environments, are continuously integration tested. AEM instances are checked against standard security guidelines.

Multiple version & OS support

Enables a flexible migration path with support for AEM 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, on Amazon Linux 2, RHEL7.

AWS Quick Start

Use best practices to accelerate the deployment of AEM OpenCloud libraries with an AWS Quick Start developed by AWS and Shine.

Machine images

Built using a set of configurable Packer templates. Supports builds using
AWS Amazon Machine Images. Once created, you can use the machine images to create multiple environments.

AEM OpenCloud Manager

An included set of readymade Jenkins pipelines, which you can provision into your Jenkins installation to manage the AEM OpenCloud ecosystem. It can be extended to support other CI/CD tools.

Library layers

Library elements included in AEM OpenCloud

Further technical resources

AEM OpenCloud presentations

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