TEL Newsletter – February 2018

TEL Newsletter – February 2018

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader in the community through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. Every now and then (it started off as being monthly, but that was too much work), we curate all the noteworthy things that Shiners have been up to, and publish a newsletter. Read on for this month’s edition.


Presentations & meetups:

  • Shahin Namin (see blogs above) gave a presentation at the February Google Cloud Meetup on this song recommendation engine running on Google Cloud. The feedback for the talk was terrific. Well done Shahin.
  • Yogi Langnickel gave a talk at the Ruby Meetup in Melbourne on He really loves this framework and it’s clear (*cough*) to see why. Everyone loves testing! High five!

Upcoming things & other random news:

  • Shine hosted the February Google Cloud Melbourne Meetup. It was a big turn out, and the beer fridge was decimated during the course of the night. Nice work. Always the sign of a good Meetup.
  • Congratulations to Gareth Jones and Graham Polley, both of whom passed their Google Certified Data Engineer exam. Gareth said it was easy and Graham said it was hard. Hmmm.
  • Some more certifications were bagged, this time on the AWS front: David Ensikat passed his AWS SysOps exam, and Kai Xai passed the AWS Solution Architect one. Wowsers. Certifications up the wazoo!
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