The TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. Each month, the TEL group gather up all the awesome things that Shine folk have been getting up to in and around the community.  Here’s the latest roundup:


  • Fabricio Milone blogged about using AKKA in highly concurrent Java applications.  Building concurrency into any application has always been a complex task – especially in Java (“We’ve got DEADLOCK people!“) – but the AKKA framework helps to makes it easier and abstracts away a lot of the gnarly complexities.

Local Meetups:

  • Graham Polley, was selected to speak at the 2016 Sydney Devfest where he gave a talk on Google BigQuery, and did a demo of query smashing 100 billion rows (10TB) in 40 seconds!
  • Ben Teese did a talk at MelbJS on the recently-released ‘Prettier‘ JS formatting tool, but mostly he just ranted about how code formatting really doesn’t matter that much – to the degree that not only should you let a computer format your code for you, but you should let the computer decide what format to use.
  • Ben Teese gave a presentation on React Router v4 at the React Melbourne meetup. Recently, it has gone from alpha into beta, which means that the API has now stabilised. Ben created a screen recording that you can check out here.
  • Peter Fuggle managed to wrangle the Melbourne Docker meetup group to the Shine offices for a great Docker meetup. I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed the office view – and the talks of course 😉

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