Shine excellence recognised as Innovation Finalist in NAB Supplier Awards 2014


Shine excellence recognised as Innovation Finalist in NAB Supplier Awards 2014

NAB 2014 Supplier Awards

Shine Technologies is proud to be acknowledged for excellence as one of three Finalists in the NAB Supplier Awards 2014, Innovation category.  This acknowledgement demonstrates Shine’s commitment to being a partner over being a vendor.

Shine’s partnership with NAB goes back several years and spans many projects in different parts of the bank. The specific project leading to this acknowledgement involved working with NAB to provide a new digital platform built on AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud and using the AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) content delivery platform to host

Business benefits of the project were described by NAB GM of Digital, Mr Todd Copeland in The Australian on 22 July 2014. The article states that “NAB is attributing savings of almost $6 million in infrastructure and licensing costs over five years, and big increases in applications for loans and credit cards, to its move to a more agile digital publishing and marketing platform. The ability to change content on its online and mobile sites much more quickly can directly be linked to a 30 per cent increase in applications for one banking product”. “The redesign of a personal loan form in nine weeks — led to a 45 per cent improvement in the conversion rate of applicants to customers.” Credit card pages that were tested and “optimised” for the best response rate using the new platform generated 3000 more applications a year. Mr Copeland said “It was very cost-competitive, we’ve driven 400 per cent efficiency through my team directly.”

In terms of innovation, the project provided full auto recovery and scaling on demand, which is a world first and has set the standard for all AEM on AWS implementations. Shine introduced and drove the project to AWS best practice with regards to: design, tooling and processes to ensure the solution could reach a 99.95%+ availability, through the use of innovative tools including “Bees With Machine Guns” and “Chaos Monkey”, providing customers with a great customer experience, reliability and confidence in NAB systems.  Amazon acknowledged the innovation driven by this project through inviting NAB Head of Digital & Online Services, Mr David Broeren to present as a Keynote Speaker at the 2014 Amazon Web Services Summit in Melbourne on 12 August 2014 (slides 60 – 82).

Shine Technologies is proud to be a Finalist, thanks NAB for its ongoing partnership and congratulates SEMA on winning the Innovation category of the NAB Supplier Awards 2014.
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