CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2010 – Day 1

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2010 – Day 1

I attended CITCON A/NZ 2010 in Wellington, New Zealand. CITCON is an unconference on Continuous Integration and Testing, it uses an open space format (which worked really really well), and CITCON rocked! (more about this later)

CITCON breaks Wellington 🙂

My flight arrived at 3.30pm, and day 1 activities started at 6.30pm. Paul Julius and Jeffrey Fredrick kicked-off the show by introducing what CITCON was about and how it was going to work, the rest was then up to us, the attendees.

PJ and Jeff.

The attendees then suggested the topics they would like to facilitate and voted on the ones they would like to attend. Given that it was my first open space conference, I wasn’t sure how open space could possibly work out. I read about how it’s _supposed_ to work, but I still wondered “really?”

I was introduced to the awesomeness of Sharpie.

The voting then continued during social hour at Foxglove. I had a chance to talk to Bruce Chapman who suggested an informal Hudson BOF session on the topic of the pain and pleasure of using Hudson plugins. In summary we agreed that Hudson core is solid, but there’s a need for better orchestration on those myriad of plugins, the question is who’s going to do it because clearly leaving it to the plugin maintainers haven’t really worked out (myself included, guilty).

Does a plugin need to have five features when most people only need one? Should a plugin do one thing only and leave it to the users to combine the plugins? There’s also clearly a need for better plugin information/metadata, it’s currently hard to find out which plugins to use if you need to do certain things. Perhaps a set of Hudson recipes need to be documented and shared on the wiki. Those were the questions and ideas that I would like to raise with others in Hudson community.

That’s it for day 1, we basically prepared the topics followed by some informal discussions over drinks.
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