Author: Cliffano Subagio

We have been using Apache CouchDB at one of our clients project, and despite how well CouchDB worked, we learnt that there was still no easy way to find certain documents without resorting to writing map reduce functions either via a temporary view or a design document. This was an issue in particular for our testers and others who were not exactly familiar with CouchDB. We needed an easier to use alternative, and that was the main reason why I wrote Couchtato.
Day 2 started at 9am with the early attendees 'refactoring' the talks to fit into the schedule, this involved spreading the most voted talks into larger rooms, combining talks around similar topics, and at the same time making sure that no facilitator ended up with multiple sessions running on the same time period. There were about 30 proposed talks with 20 time slots, 4 sessions running in parallel per time period.