Welcome to a series of blogs around the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, CA. Ben Teese and myself are here to rub shoulders with the greats of the Java community and hopefully learn some stuff.

Today is the CommunityOne day, which is really a warm up for the main thing which starts tomorrow morning. There were a few sessions based on some ‘tracks’, and I’ll mention one of them.


JRuby is going version 1.0 “in hours” according to the two main contributors Charles Nutter and Tom Enebo. JRuby is a key to bringing together both the power of RoR and Java. To be able to talk to any Java code from Ruby ensures that RoR can leverage existing application code. In addition, JRuby provides a deployment path for Ruby that doesn’t currently exist. JRuby is a key technology, especially for a company like Shine that works deeply in the Java world and needs to help clients to use existing assets whilst adopting newer technologies that can deliver better business benefit.

Written by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is one of the Founders and Directors of Shine Solutions Group, a Technology Consultancy in Melbourne, Australia.


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