Automatic Data Migration Testing: Empowering Testers with Hudson


There have been many good examples of using Hudson for cross-platform builds and automatic execution of tests, but Hudson also provides a great environment for empowering non-developers to execute particular tests whenever they want. We have found this to be particularly the case when automating data migration tests.

This article will discuss the what automatic data migration testing is, and how Hudson can make it easier. Whilst it refers to Hudson, the same techniques could also be used with Jenkins.

Continuous Deployment of iOS Apps with Jenkins and TestFlight

I thought it was about time I should put together a simple guide on using Jenkins to build your iOS application – and for those of us that use the awesome website for managing our iOS app distribution for testing, I have included details on creating a Jenkins job to publish the latest successful artifact to

A Continuous Delivery of Business Value.

The goal of this article is to discuss how improving the automated testing aspects of a continuous delivery project led to dramatic improvements in quality and delivered real business value to a leading bank in Melbourne Australia.

It will cover how the automated testing was integrated into the continuous delivery process to support Scrum, to empower testers and to shorten testing cycles.