Shine has posted a new article which highlights the great work we have done in the Continuous Delivery domain.

This article takes you through a case study where we helped a leading bank in Melbourne to improve it’s Continuous Delivery process. This work delivered real business value in the form of a dramatic improvement in the quality of the software delivered to production.

The increase in software quality was driven by focusing on tighter integration of automated testing, developing a custom summary report and supporting the agile methodology used within the project.

Shine has a proven track record in setting up best practice delivery processes for a range of our corporate clients.  Contact us to talk about how we can set up productive and efficient processes which will maximise your delivery power.

Read the article here : A Continuous Delivery of Business Value


  1. Congrats Alistair and team. Your article is of great interest to me and I’m sure I will enjoy my second read of it.

    1. Hi,

      thanks for your message. At the moment we are migrating some content from our website to the blog, we’ll have a look whether it is possible to put in a redirect from the old url to the new.

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