Unlocking Opportunities: Reliving Testing Talks 2022 and Gearing Up for 2023!

Unlocking Opportunities: Reliving Testing Talks 2022 and Gearing Up for 2023!

Testing talks conference 2022 - The Reunion
Testing talks conference 2022 – The Reunion


The Testing Talks Conference 2022 was an absolute blast! It was like a nerd-fest, but with even more nerdy people (if you can believe that!). This year’s theme was “The Reunion,” and the speakers were like superheroes, flying in from all over the world to save the day with their knowledge and expertise. I was lucky enough to be one of the lucky sidekicks in attendance, soaking up all the latest trends and techniques in the testing world.

But seriously, the conference was incredibly informative and inspiring. The Reunion was a highly successful event that brought together the testing community for a day of learning, networking, and fun. With 400 attendees, 9 industry-leading speakers, and amazing catering and activities, the conference was a memorable experience for all who attended.

The conference was designed to be a reunion for the testing community, with a focus on community building, networking, and having a good time. The event offered a range of engaging talks from experts in the field, including Manoj Kumar from Lambdatest, Sarmila Padmanabhan from Bunnings, Rohan Singh from Headspin, Anand Bagmar from Applitools, and Basarat Syed from Pepperstone, among others.

All in all, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn, laugh, and connect with some of the brightest minds in the testing community. And who knows, maybe next year I’ll even have the chance to be a speaker and share my own insights with all the nerdy sidekicks out there!

All the presenters and attendees

Last Year’s Takeaways

In the presentation series, attendees had the opportunity to learn about various aspects of automation testing, machine learning systems, design-driven concepts, and other testing techniques. The following are key takeaways from each of the presentations:

  • Automation Testing Web Apps with Cypress (By Basarat Syed) – Participants learned about setting up the Cypress testing framework, writing simple tests, creating a configuration file, interacting with page elements, and executing tests for web applications.
  • How to Test a learning system (By David Colwell) – The presentation covered the approach to testing machine learning systems, the tools and techniques involved, and the mindset required for testing ML systems effectively.
  • Design-Driven Concepts for Automated Testing (By Andrew Whitehouse) – Attendees were introduced to a design-driven approach to automated testing, focusing on collaboration tests and reasoning about system behaviour. The talk provided a fresh perspective on automating tests with system design in mind.
  • Automate Any App with Appium #AAAA (By Rohan Singh) – The workshop demonstrated how to set up an Appium automation script for a React Native app, including environment setup, identifying elements, writing tests, and executing tests.
  • A brief introduction to contract testing (By Matt Fellows) – In this lightning talk, participants were given a high-level overview of contract testing, including the purpose, key players, and implementation of the technique.
  • Elevate your testing: testing smarter, not harder, in the cloud (By Laszlo Simity) – The presentation explored how organizations can leverage different approaches to overcome testing challenges, particularly in the cloud, and how to test smarter in today’s digital landscape.
  • What’s new in Selenium 4? (By Manoj Kumar) – This talk covered the new features and enhancements in Selenium 4, including a hands-on demonstration of CDP, relative locators, and the Selenium Grid. Participants learned about migrating from Selenium 3 to Selenium 4.
  • Interactive Exploratory Testing (By Sarmila Padmanabhan) – In this interactive session, attendees learned innovative exploratory testing techniques through a bug-hunting journey, including bug classification, test charters, time-boxing, reviewing, and debriefing.
  • Techniques to Eradicate Flaky Tests (By Anand Bagmar) – The presentation explored the issue of flaky tests and provided techniques for eliminating them, including reducing the number of dependencies, using explicit waits, and increasing test stability.

In short, the presentation series provided a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience for attendees, covering a range of topics and techniques in the field of automation testing.

If you wish to see the slide packs and the recorded presentations, click here

Networking at Testing Talks 2022

Networking, a crucial aspect of any conference, was exemplified at last year’s Testing Talks. Attendees exchanged ideas, formed valuable connections, and engaged with industry experts on the latest trends and developments. Interactive sessions and hands-on workshops offered rich opportunities to learn from peers, participate in group discussions, and share experiences.

The interactive sessions, such as “Interactive Exploratory Testing” and the hands-on workshops provided an opportunity for attendees to not only learn from industry experts, but also engage with their peers, participate in group discussions, and share their own experiences and insights.

With various vendors and companies showcasing their products and services, attendees were exposed to new tools, technologies, and solutions related to automation testing. This platform catalyzed professional and personal growth, and the connections made continue to impact careers positively.

Relive the memorable moments from last year’s event here.

Looking Ahead to Testing Talks 2023

As Testing Talks 2023 approaches, I cannot help but express my gratitude to the organizers and sponsors of the previous conference. Their dedication resulted in a highly informative and engaging event that left a lasting impact. Although it’s been some time since the 2022 conference, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and grow with all of you at this year’s event.


The 2022 conference was an incredibly fulfilling experience. I gained invaluable insights into the latest developments and trends, connected with some of the brightest minds in the industry, and learned skills that I’ve applied to my work and career. The networking opportunities were unparalleled, and I made meaningful connections that I’m confident will benefit me in the long run.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to Shine Solutions, my company, and a Silver sponsor for last year’s event. Their support and contribution played a significant role in making Testing Talks 2022 a memorable and impactful event. Shine Solutions continues to be an advocate for the testing community, fostering growth, innovation, and learning within the industry.

As we look forward to Testing Talks 2023, I hope this reflection on the 2022 event serves as a reminder of the value and impact of attending such conferences. Even though this blog comes a bit late, the learnings and memories from Testing Talks 2022 are still fresh, and I’m excited to see what the upcoming event has in store for us.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this amazing event. See you at Testing Talks 2023!

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