TEL Newsletter – December 2019

TEL Newsletter – December 2019

By Santa’s great dangly baubles, it’s been twelve whole months since the last TEL newsletter. It’s a wonder that the TEL group, who exist to publicise the great technical work that the people of Shine Solutions do, don’t just fire that guy that writes these posts. Or doesn’t write them, more accurately. Saddle up the reindeer, we’ve got a lot to cover – including finding out if you can actually saddle a reindeer.

I had the science people down in the TEL laboratory analyse the last year’s work done by the wonderful Shine employees to find out how we can get even more blog posts and conference presentations out of our people.

We totally have a laboratory, ok. I don’t just make this stuff up. Photo by Pixabay on

Anyway, those science types came up with some recommendations and a whole report that I will definitely read at some point once I remember where I left it. There was a graph on the front of the report that looked like this:

I don’t need science to tell me the obvious conclusion. The secret to blog/presentation productivity is to be called Erin. We’ll be implementing this recommendation immediately.


Erin Defodji Sogbohossou started the year off with two blog posts: AWS Amplify and Serverless GraphQL with AppSync. Despite no longer working for Shine he was recently promoted to Vice-President of Sales for our Antarctic Division. Working for a different company is no barrier to advancement in forward-thinking Shine Solutions.

AaEroin Brown, recently promoted to Chief Executive Executive of Chiefs, wrote about using IoT to control some lights instead of fingers and switches like a normal person.

Erin Zimmer, recently promoted to Senior Executive Vice-President of Web Components, gave two presentations: one at the Culture Amp Tech Breakfast about Web Components, and the other at Linux Conf AU about browsers.


Erin Cliff Subagio, recently promoted to Executive Chief Operating Operator, gave a presentation at GDG Cloud Melbourne about using Dialogflow to add a voice interface to your application.


Erin Archit Kejariwal, recently promoted to Senior Junior Senior Vice-President of Repositioned CSS Boxes, gave a presentation at the Melbourne AWS User Group. He talked about the experiences of being a junior developer in an enterprise infrastructure team, which was clearly all lies as he is a Senior Junior Senior Vice-President.


DavErin Benfield, recently promoted to Executive Vice-Chief of Presidents, gave a talk at the DevOps Sydney Meetup. It was an introduction to building on Google’s Cloud Platform.


Erin Zimmer, recently promoted to Global Head Of Erins, presented at the International Javascript Conference in London on Web Components.

Erin Trudi Ersvaer, recently promoted to Executive Executive Executive of Global Executives, wrote about what went on at the AWS Summit.


Erin Rachel Howard, recently promoted to Senior Senior Senior Executive Officer of Advanced Fizz Buzz Research, presented at the Melbourne Identity and Security Meetup on porting enterprise systems to use OpenID Connect.

Erin Zimmer, GH(Erins) & SEVP(WC), presented at Components Conf on Web Components, and at Web Directions on Web Components.

Erin Archit Kejariwal, once again masquerading as a Junior Developer despite his recent promotion, talked about how to make the most of VS Code at the Melbourne Junior Devs Meetup.


Erin Zimmer, recently promoted to Chief Erin Officer, spoke at the Angular Conference NG-MY in Malaysia about upgrading Angular.

Erin Gareth Jones, the only remaining employee of Shine not at the Executive level, wrote two blog posts. One about being old and cranky and wishing these damn kids would stay off the lawn, and the other about refactoring javascript for greater confusion and job security.

Dhe-Erin-dra Nath, recently promoted to Senior Executive of Vice-Presidents (Sydney), wrote about Regulatory Reporting in the Cloud. Which is exactly as exciting as you’d imagine.


Erin Yogi Langnickel, recently promoted to Chief Executive Vice-President of Beards, wrote about A/B Testing in Angular 7.

Erin Kendrick Kesley, wrote about deploying a static web application with Serverless and Codebuild. Join me in congratulating him on his promotion to Junior Chief Executive of Senior Vice-Presidents. Very well deserved.

Erin Zimmer, CErinO GH(Erins) & SEVP(WC), gave a talk about the Anatomy of a Browser at PyCon AU.

Erin Pegah Khaleghi, recently promoted to General Manager of 20th Century Literature, wrote about using Kafka.

Erin Cliff Subagio, ECOO and now Vice-President of Miniature Giant Space Hamsters (APAC Region), went to San Francisco to speak at DevOps World about accessibility.

Erin Ben Teese, recently promoted to Global Chief Executive of Eldritch Horrors From Beyond Space And Time That Lie Sleeping Beneath The Waves, presented at React Melbourne on using GraphQL with React.


Erin Cliff Subagio, ECOO VPMGSH(APAC), and Erin Michael Bloch gave a presentation on Swagger in AEM at the AdaptTo conference in Berlin. Michael was subsequently promoted to Executive Vice-President of Swagger, Bling and Flamboyance (European Region).

Erin Cliff also gave another presentation at AdaptTo, introducing AEM Open Cloud during which he wore a hat. He’s an Executive now, he can do whatever he wants.

Erin Zimmer, CErinO GH(Erins) & SEVP(WC), spoke at the Angular Brisbane Meetup about upgrading Angular which I’m sure was a completely different presentation to the one she gave in July at NG-MY about upgrading Angular and any similarities are a coincidence. She also ran a workshop about upgrading Angular at Components Conf.

Erin Michael Bloch, EVP SBF(Eu), wrote about upgrading AEM for the blog.

Erin Christian Catchpole, Chief Senior Vice-President of Obsolete Technologies, wrote about the good old days of Java and how kids today have got it so easy.

Ericn Chen, Executive Senior Executive of General Executive Senior Executives, told us about his experiences at Components Conf.


October was a special month celebrating some of the great works by our Executive Chief Collector Of AWS Certifications, David Erinsikat. He wrote about Spinnaker and Kubernetes (twice) and an investigation into a weird networking problem.

Erin Zimmer (CErinO) gave a presentation to the Web Meetup on CSS Grid.


Erin Ben Teese, GCE EHFBSATTLSBTW, presented on GraphQL at the WebDirections Summit. He also wrote about it for the blog.

Erin Lucas Symons, recently promoted to Senior Vice-President of Impenetrable Acronyms, wrote about attending OWASP AppSec.

Erin Yogi Langnickel, CEVP (Beards), gave a lightning talk at the Angular Melbourne Meetup on new Angular features.

Erin Zimmer, Chief Erin Officer, presented at: the GDG DevFest in Sydney on web components; Melbourne CSS meetup about CSS Grid; Stripe Developer Meetup on dev tools; and GDG DevFest Perth about web components again.

Dh-Erin-dra Nath, SEVP(Syd), presented at the GDG Cloud Sydney meetup about building a data lake on GCP.


Erin Matt Fraser, Senior Executive Chief Vice-President of Bagpipes, rounded off the year with his account of his all-expenses-paid holiday to Las Vegas for AWS RE:Invent.

Congratulations on your promotion

By reading to the end of this post, you’ve been promoted to Senior Vice-President of Blog Consumption with all the privileges (but none of the salary) that comes with it. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. So happy for you!

Welcome to the Executive Leadership Team. Photo by Lukas on

Oh, it turns out you can saddle a reindeer.

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