Shine Solutions builds EnergyAustralia “skill” featured on Amazon Alexa Australian launch

Shine Solutions builds EnergyAustralia “skill” featured on Amazon Alexa Australian launch

January 25, 2018

Shine Solutions has built for EnergyAustralia one of the first Amazon Alexa “skills” in the Australian market

EnergyAustralia is among the first Australian-based organisations to feature on the highly-anticipated smart speaker due to arrive in Australia next month.

The skill has been designed to enable customers to gain easy access to their EnergyAustralia accounts and provide users with the ability to better manage their energy usage.

The cloud-powered service can perform a range of tasks in response to voice commands. Users will be able to ask the ever-efficient digital assistant such questions as:

“Alexa, ask EnergyAustralia how much is my latest bill?”
“Alexa, ask EnergyAustralia, when is my account due?”

“Alexa now provides EnergyAustralia’s customers with another way to easily engage with us” says Tony Robertshaw, EnergyAustralia’s Head of Digital and Incubation. “Our skill on Alexa will provide a more closely integrated customer experience and we are thrilled with the result. Shine has been instrumental in launching our first skill.

The Shine team delivered the outcomes we were seeking in an incredibly short timeframe and worked seamlessly with all the stakeholders involved. EnergyAustralia has worked closely with Shine for over 15 years now – they are a valued digital partner.”

Chatbot technology is certainly in its growth phase in Australia and the expected growth trajectory is significant says Shine Director Luke Alexander. “Voice-driven systems are becoming integral to our everyday lives. The potential for companies to forge closer relationships with customers through this technology is exciting – we are proud to partner with EnergyAustralia to help launch the organisation in this space.”

About Shine Solutions:

Shine has been at the forefront of developing enterprise software for 20 years. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients to devise and deliver digital solutions for their business needs. Since launching in 1998, Shine Solutions has forged long-term partnerships with some of Australia’s leading organisations including EnergyAustralia, Telstra, National Australia Bank and Coles.

Shine has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Luke Alexander, Director
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