TEL Newsletter – December 2017

TEL Newsletter – December 2017

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader in the community through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. Every now and then (it started off as being monthly, but that was too much work), we curate all the noteworthy things that Shiners have been up to, and publish a newsletter. Read on for this month’s edition.


Presentations & meetups:

  • Graham Polley flew up to sunny Sydney, and presented his serverless data pipelines on GCP talk (again) at this year’s Google DevFest. Apparently his talk went quite well – we’d expect nothing less considering that’s the only topic he ever talks about.
  • Yogi in full swing during his Angular talk

    Kai Xai presented at the November Ansible Meetup in Melbourne. He deep dove into how Ansible works under the hood, and it’s a testament to Kai that nobody managed to fall asleep during it. High five Kai!

  • Yogi Langnickel gave a lightning talk at the Angular Meetup in Melbourne on; another testing tool (built on Node) for “anything that runs in a browser.” – suuuuure. Fun fact: Yogi likes to present whilst grasping onto his staff (yes, he actually owns a staff).

Upcoming things & other random news:

  • Shine hosted the November Meetup for GDG Cloud Melbourne, and Jordan Tigani from Google dialled in from London via Hangouts (it actually worked!), and gave a cracking deep dive technical talk on BigQuery’s storage layer.
  • Congratulations to Mark Johnson and Shahin Namin both of whom passed their Google Certified Data Engineer exam. We’ve heard it’s not very hard to be honest, but well done anyway gents. In a few months, Gareth Jones, Graham Polley, and Aaron Brown will all be sitting their exams too. If Mark can pass it, then it should be a walk in the park for those three.
  • Shine has opened a new office in Sydney, and we’re currently building up the team there. If you’re not a Shiner reading this (highly unlikely), then feel free to ping us on Shine are always on the look out for good people who are passionate about technology.

Mark receiving the coveted Data Engineer hoodie from some random Googlers at Shine HQ
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