TEL Newsletter – October 2017

TEL Newsletter – October 2017

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. Each month, the TEL group gather up all the awesome things that Shine folk have been getting up to in and around the community. Here’s the latest roundup from what’s been happening.


  • No blogs. Lazy, good-for-nothing, developers. Spending all their time working for clients. Never would have happened in my day.


  • Darren Cibis gave a lightning talk on Google Home, at the August GDG meetup. Interesting fact: Darren is not the name on his birth certificate. His full name is “Dazza-Daz-Man-Legeeeeeend-Dazzo-Wahey-Maaaate-Lets-have-another-beer”, and his close friends can often be heard using it.
  • Cliff Subagio, who recently survived the trial-by-combat necessary for promotion to Thought Leader at Shine, presented at Jenkins World in San Francisco. Here’s the video:

  • Wait, sorry. That one is from the post-promotion celebration. This is the Jenkins World talk video:

  • Suken Shah, who has since left Shine and moved on to better different things, spoke at two meetups: Serverless Microservices at the September GDG Cloud meetup; Java Performance at the Melbourne JVM meetup. We shall speak of him no more in this blog.
  • Gareth Jones (noted polymath, bon-vivant, raconteur, and recent winner of the “Sexiest Male – Non-Sheep Division” rosette at the Dyffryn Ardudwy Agricultural Show) presented at YOW! Data in Sydney. He sincerely believes he fooled the audience into thinking he knows something about image recognition, so please don’t tell him the truth.

  • Mmm. I could watch that video for hours. Is it hot in here? Just me?
  • Anyway, where was I?
  • Dazza Dazz-man and His Terrible Magnificence Ben Teese rocked their DJ set at YOW! Connected with their hypno-trance disco, using Google Home and Alexa to control the lights, glitter ball, and foam cannons. It was off the chain, and the audience was trippin’ balls. Big ups to the Cibis-Teese Acid House Collective.
  • I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate description of what they did.
  • What? I can say “trippin’ balls”. I’m down with the kids.
  • Shut up.
  • Also at YOW! Connected was Chaise Hocking, talking about Universal Links in iOS Apps. Although I think I’m ok to reveal that it was all an undercover sting operation designed to apprehend some high-level arms dealers. Chaise Hocking always gets the bad guys, that’s why he’s Interpol’s best agent.
  • Let’s keep that last bit between ourselves, we don’t want to blow his cover.
  • It’s a good job nobody reads these newsletters.
  • Gareth Jones and Graham “I like BigQuery and I cannot lie” Polley both presented at DevFest Melbourne last weekend. Graham talked about serverless data pipelines, and Gareth gave his image recognition talk. Which is an excellent reason to watch that video again.

  • Sigh. So hot. Hmm? Oh.
  • Graham Polley was also a guest on the GCP Podcast, but don’t worry he doesn’t get to say much.


  • Shine hosted the September and October meetups for GDG Cloud Melbourne, and we will be hosting the November one as well.  Jordan Tigani, of Google’s BigQuery, will be speaking live from London. Come half an hour early so that you can join in the magic ritual necessary for guaranteeing a good hangouts connection. Remember, the more people we have in the circle, the less blood we individually need to contribute. Bring a friend, just to be safe.
  • Shine also hosted the 3rd edition of the Adobe Experience Cloud Meetup last week. There’s a name that just trips off the tongue. Just what is an Experience Cloud anyway?  It was described as “Informative” by one of the attendees, so that’s nice.

Upcoming Things:

  • Sydney’s DevFest is happening in November. We’re hoping to have a couple of Shine people presenting, but please don’t let that put you off attending.
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