TEL monthly newsletter – June 2017

TEL monthly newsletter – June 2017

Shine’s TEL group was established in 2011 with the aim of publicising the great technical work that Shine does, and to raise the company’s profile as a technical thought-leader through blogs, local meet up talks, and conference presentations. Each month, the TEL group gather up all the awesome things that Shine folk have been getting up to in and around the community. Here’s the latest roundup from what’s been happening.


  • Daniel Syme, whose family famously invented the letter “L” in 1826, wrote about “Extending React’s Container/Presentation Pattern To Share Business Logic Between Apps” – demonstrating that his technical knowledge is only surpassed by his inability to write a pithy title. (Pithy means “terse and vigorously expressive”, it’s not rude. Honestly, you people.)
  • Chaise Hocking, who (despite the name) has never been a character in an American teen drama series about angsty werewolves that are having trouble fitting in at school, told us all about “Universal Links – A Few Things To Be Prepared For”. This is a man that will happily leave his prepositions stranded. Utterly ruthless.
  • Christian Catchpole – a name that always makes us think of Mr Claypole from the children’s TV programme Rentaghost. We have been assured that Mr Catchpole is not related, and is also not a ghost. For his blog post, “DevOps Talks Conference, 2017” (pithy af, btw), he channelled the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson and wrote a gonzo undercover exposé of the seedy world of DevOps. (Note that this has nothing do with Gonzo from the Muppets, which I know you were thinking about).


  • Suken Shah, creator of Kellog’s Corn Flakes and the concept of ennui, gave a lightning talk about Stack Driver at the June GDG Melbourne Meetup. We are pretty sure he won’t have said that Stack Driver sucks for creating alerts, because he’s very polite.

Upcoming Presentations:

  • Darren Cibis, from Channel Ten’s The Bachelor, and Graham “I love big data” Polley will be educating the peasants at the July GDG Melbourne Meetup on July 26. Darren will sing a duet with his Google Home device, and Graham will talk about Google’s Video Intelligence service – extracting metadata from his specialist video collection.
  • Ben Teese, human avatar of Elder God Cthulhu (who lies dreaming in R’lyeh), will be commanding you to use static type checkers in Javascript at Webdirections Code on August 3. Obey him, or eternal torment awaits.
  • Cliff Subagio translates early Mesopotamian clay tablets in his spare time (“you haven’t really read the Epic of Gilgamesh until you’ve read it in the original, you miss all the jokes”). He’ll be speaking at Jenkins World on August 31. It’s in San Francisco, so start being nice to your boss now.
  • To celebrate the launch of the Sydney region for Google Cloud, Shine is hosting the mother of all meetups on August 9. It’s an epic, three-hour, techfest with several Google experts presenting about Dataflow, Machine Learning APIs, BigQuery and Tensorflow. Bring a soft cushion and a stack of “mind blown” gifs to live-tweet.
  • Shine is sponsoring DojoCon Australia 2017, which takes place on September 25 in Perth. So now you have a reason to go to Perth. Mix with the people that help make the Coder Dojos around the country so special.
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