Into things Cloud-related? Amazon Web Services have just posted a case study on how Shine (yes, that’s us) is migrating mission-critical installations of our products from customer’s on-site infrastructure to the cloud.

It also covers how Shine has used RDS and Provisioned IOPS to achieve significant performance improvements (a topic we’ve also previously discussed in detail).

Shine principal Adam Kierce gets a few choice quotes in there, and the case study offers a terrific insight into the cost benefits that the cloud can bring to our customers.

We’re raving fans of AWS, as demonstrated by our recent attendance at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and sponsorship of the AWS Customer Appreciation Day in Sydney.

Want to know more about how Shine’s been using the cloud? Read the case study here.

Written by Ben Teese

I'm a Senior Consultant at Shine Solutions.

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