Shine selected as Finalist in Coles IT Vendor Awards 2012

Shine selected as Finalist in Coles IT Vendor Awards 2012

ImageShine Technologies has been awarded as one of three finalists in Coles IT Vendor Awards 2012, which recognises excellence amongst the companies supplying hardware, software and services to Coles.

Shine was nominated for its role in the flybuys re-launch of April 2012. This was a major Coles initiaive that gained Australia-wide exposure through all media channels. A key portion of the initiative was the software services that powered the website, the call centre and other processing. Prior to the re-launch, there were 3.8 million page views a month for the flybuys website. In the month after re-launch, there were 40.3 million page views – an order of magnitude increase. This is but one measure of many that highlight the massive nature of the re-launch.

“In terms of profile, it is fair to say that this was likely the highest profile website launch in Australia for this year”, said Mark Johnson, Principal of Shine Technologies. “To ensure that the launch was a success, the solution needed to be fast, reliable and delivered on time.”

The flybuys relaunch was led by Roger Sniezek, General Manager of Loyalty, CRM and flybuys at Coles. “We needed to deliver a very large program of work in tight time frames. Using an agile approach, Coles and Shine worked together to hone the user experience and deliver outstanding system performance. Shine really committed to the overall team effort and helped us achieve a fantastic outcome”, said Roger.

Shine Technologies provided the core software development expertise that delivered an innovative and highly critical solution in a matter of months. Although the websites are a highly visible portion of the work, Shine Technologies was also responsible for diverse components such as the Call Centre screens, IVR web services, integration to new partners such as Webjet, AGL and Telstra, as well as integration to internal systems. These many and diverse changes were all delivered on time and tested under extremely tight time frames.

The solution provided through collaboration between Shine Technologies and other internal groups provided an optimized solution that handled load, failover, performance and usability as a seamless solution. “Conversion rates were extremely high, and feedback from the process was extremely positive”, said Mark. “In particular, the performance and ease of use of the my5 selection is something of which we are extremely proud”.


Shine Principal Mark Johnson with co-finalist John Bearsley from JDS

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