Eclipse Ganymede…

Eclipse Ganymede…

This was just too painful! Unfortunately I would have to recommend to people to stay away from Ganymede if you use Subversion for version control until they sort out connectors, update sites etc. After installing on 4 machines (3 macs, 1 linux) i’ve finally got 3 out of 4 working – but one of them (one of the identical macs!) just wont fix and the others were such hit and miss affairs. In theory, all you need to do is add in the update site as detailed on the Polarian site

Update Sites – Direct your Eclipse update manager to both the following update sites…
* Subversive plug-in update site :

* Subversive SVN Connectors update site

I realise that its to do with license issues etc, but Eclipse really has to “just work” out of the box with Subversion soon. The update manager really needs work too. Whoever put the “Close” button where they did while hiding off the “Install” button needs to go on a design course – so fed up clicking “close” just when i’ve chosen “install”….!

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