The Nokia Test – Are you doing Scrum ?

The Nokia Test – Are you doing Scrum ?

If you think you are doing Scrum, how do you know ?

There are lots of good books around, but – whilst Scrum is deliberately quite simple – it can sometimes be easy to lose sight of the principles. Over on the Agile and Business blog Joe Little has posted the test used by Nokia to determine whether a team is using Scrum or not.

I’m happy to say that some of the recent work I have been involved in does quite well on the test, other work not so much …
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  • Gerald Williams
    Posted at 20:04h, 06 July Reply

    Good question! I believe a team is performing SCRUM or it smells like it is doing Scrum! when:

    a) All SCRUM roles are identified and filled and working in the ‘right way’
    b) That the artefacts are in place – Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog etc – and being worked!
    c) That the team has created and is using a definition of ‘Done’ for each Sprint
    d) That the team has a project goal and a Sprint Goal and all understand what it is
    d) That the team is using SCRUM definitions and terminology
    e) That daily meetings are attended by all the team
    f) The team trust each other

    And the proof is if they are delivering each sprint in accordance with business priorities set by the Product owner…….in a nutshell ,,,

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