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[caption id="attachment_6264" align="alignnone" width="500"]berlin_-_old_and_new A clash of the old-school and new-school[/caption] Over the last couple of years at Shine we’ve built a number of Single Page Apps (SPAs) for large businesses. An app we recently built had to integrate with Oracle Access Manager (OAM), an Identity Management System (IDM) from everybody's favourite enterprise software company. In this post I'm going to talk about a strategy that we used to successfully work around mismatches between the way that SPAs and OAM do things.
One of the many ways in which EmberJS, AngularJS, and BackboneJS differ is in how they treat their models. AngularJS uses dirty checking on Plain Old Javascript Objects (POJSO); whereas EmberJS and BackboneJS both use accessors (getters and setters) on wrapped objects. We will be exploring the ways in which these two approaches differ, and the implications these differences have when it comes to choosing which Javascript framework we we should write our single page apps in.