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Having spent the last 18 months or so working with Backbone.js, I've formed the following opinion: Backbone is not enough for building large single-page applications (SPAs). Sure, you and your team may be able to get your app across the line, but you'll probably end up with a lot of code and may even reinvent a couple of wheels unless you're extremely diligent about refactoring, code reviews, documentation, testing and keeping up with an ever-evolving suite of best-practices.
One of the many ways in which EmberJS, AngularJS, and BackboneJS differ is in how they treat their models. AngularJS uses dirty checking on Plain Old Javascript Objects (POJSO); whereas EmberJS and BackboneJS both use accessors (getters and setters) on wrapped objects. We will be exploring the ways in which these two approaches differ, and the implications these differences have when it comes to choosing which Javascript framework we we should write our single page apps in.
melbjs MelbJS held an event last Wednesday, and the turnout was amazing in spite of the dreary weather. If I recall rightly, it was the biggest turnout for this event to date. It must have been the impressive line up of speakers:  there were full presentations by Neil Jenkins, James A Rosen, and Ryan Seddon, and a couple of lightning talks by Tommy-Carlos Williams and Mark Brown. In this post I'm going to cover a couple of talks that I found interesting.