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Semi Permanent May 24-26, 2018 

Held in Carriageworks in Sydney this design conference has been going since 2003. It covers new design ideas, presentations of great media and advertising agency work and artists recalling their own journeys developing their work and careers. The presenters include directors, photographers, typographers and illustrators. It includes big names in the design industry - past conferences have hosted Pixar, Banksy, Weta digital, Oliver Stone and VICE media.
Creating rich email templates can be a real pain, not only having to discard many best practices when it comes to writing HTML and CSS, but also needing to ensure your email renders correctly in all the commonly used email clients, many of which will throw away or ignore large portions of your carefully crafted styling.
TyneBridge_05 For over a decade, I have been working with developers, business stakeholders, and users to create digital experiences and/or services that are designed to inform, inspire, and entertain. While creating these experiences I have noticed a certain lack of understanding between software developers and UX designers. In this post I'll talk about strategies I've used to bridge this gap.