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Node.js has impressed me several times with high performance right out of the box. In my last Node.js project it was the same: we beat the given performance targets without having to tweak the application at all. I never really experienced this in Java EE projects. Granted the project was perfectly suited for Node.js: a small project centered around fetching JSON documents from CouchDB. Still I wanted to know: how would Java EE compare to Node.js in this particular case? 

Cliffano Subagio from Shine Technologies presented together with Carl Husselbee from Sensis "JavaScript from Nose to Tail" at the August MelbJS Meetup. The slides and the video of the presentation are now online....

We have been using Apache CouchDB at one of our clients project, and despite how well CouchDB worked, we learnt that there was still no easy way to find certain documents without resorting to writing map reduce functions either via a temporary view or a design document. This was an issue in particular for our testers and others who were not exactly familiar with CouchDB. We needed an easier to use alternative, and that was the main reason why I wrote Couchtato.
You've probably heard it somewhere already: NoSQL is the new hotness. There are a growing number of weirdly named storage engines out there purporting to be part of the NoSQL movement. This post is the first of a small series about some recent work we've been doing with CouchDB. The project is still ongoing, but now seems like an appropriate time to cover what I've learned so far. If I've made any newbie mistakes, please feel free to flame me in the comments. Anyway, let's get on with it then. In this post, I'll talk a little about the bits of CouchDB that have instantly appealed to me. The good bits.