JRuby goes 1.0 (really, it has)

JRuby goes 1.0 (really, it has)

I saw the post on theserverside.com that had gone official 1.0 release. With much anticipation I jumped over to http://www.jruby.org only to find the news about the RC3 release.

Never fear, jump to the Downloads page and you will see the 1.0 downloads sitting meekly by the RC3 versions.

JRuby 1.0

Very low key for a fairly big milestone. But go read the blog entry by Charles Nutter to find out more what the release means and the upcoming work.

JRuby is a key technology that might allow Ruby on Rails applications to make a much more rapid entry into the Enterprise development arena than otherwise would have been the case. At the point where you can deploy a Rails application alongside other Java Enterprise applications inside a container many of the barriers that Rails faced start to disappear.

And before you start talking about Rails being slow, check out the blog entry by Julian Doherty and the response he got from Charles Nutter that highlights how Ruby under JRuby is already equivalent in speed to native Ruby and likely to get even faster in the future.

All we need now is for some of the cool plug-ins that rely on native code to be re-written in pure Ruby, or to have Java equivalents written (I’m looking at you, Ferret).

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