As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Shine leverages the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deliver highly performant client outcomes across the data/analytics, machine learning, application development and infrastructure disciplines.

One of a select number Google partners in Australia awarded with a Enterprise Data/Anayltics specialisation, we have a number of experienced Google certified Data Engineers and Cloud Architects consulting and delivering solutions on the platform.


Unlocking data into insights, Shine has extensive experience building and managing scalable, performant data lakes and warehouses on GCP. Our Google certified data engineers utilise a number of GCP technologies including BigQuery, Dataflow and CloudSQL combined with tools including Data Studio, Tableau and Domo for data visualisation.


Our data scientists have utilised Google developed technologies such as Tensorflow to build models and algorithms for analysis in Datalab and Data Studio across a number of projects. We also use a number of GCP machine learning APIs including DialogFlow, Cloud Vision, Cloud Natural Language, Cloud Machine Learning Engine and Cloud AutoML.


Shine has experience architecting and delivering ‘on-premise to cloud’ and ‘cloud to cloud’ migrations and integrations on to GCP – taking advantage of the platform’s resilient, secure, performance and low cost capabilities. This includes utilisation of technologies such as Kubernetes Engine, AppEngine, Compute Engine, Cloud Functions, CloudSQL, Cloud Composer, Cloud Storage and Stackdriver.

Cloud native since almost the beginning and undertaking enterprise scale projects including moving one of Australia’s leading banks to the cloud – Shine has the expertise to maximise the benefits of the cloud across the applications we build and manage.


Aside from implementing GCP technologies for some of Australia’s leading enterprises, Shine also gives back to the GCP developer community. We’ve presented at many conferences and meet-ups as well as blogging about our experiences with the platform.

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