Data Engineering

Utilising the latest data engineering techniques to unlock data into insights. Quickly understand your business and customer, drive decision making and gain a competitive advantage.

Your data is a strategic asset which unlocks new insights and opportunities. Shine can develop data strategies which help you;

  • Monitor and forecast events that affect your business in real-time
  • Better understand your business and customers
  • Identify information that can improve decision quality
  • Discover new revenue opportunities

Ingesting your data and preparing it for analysis from disparate sources and various internal business silos can be complex. Shine utilises modern cloud based technology solutions which allow storage and extremely quick analysis of huge datasets without the complexity, costs and headaches associated with managing a traditional enterprise data infrastructure.

Our team of data engineers and architects can formulate and execute solutions incorporating;

  • Data ingestion and streaming
  • Data cleansing and transformation
  • Enterprise data management
  • Data governance and security
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Data visualisation

Machine Learning

Make data driven predictions about the future with machine learning. A data science technique which leverages your existing structured and unstructured data including documents, speech, images, audio & video Рto learn from it  in order to forecast future behaviour and outcomes.

Practical applications of machine learning include;

  • Audio transcription and Natural Language processing
  • Sentiment analysis of customer interactions
  • Identifying objects and people in images or video

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