Upcoming Shine Event: Leveraging Big Data in the Cloud using Google and AWS

Upcoming Shine Event: Leveraging Big Data in the Cloud using Google and AWS

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Shine would like to invite you to a special event we are hosting in Melbourne on July 8.

In a one-off presentation to be held at ACMI in Federation Square, Shiners Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer will share with you the story of how they helped Telstra analyse massive data sets in a matter of seconds using the power of the cloud.

Graham will kick off by talking about how Google’s BigQuery & Dataflow products enabled them to load, clean, and query terabytes of data in ridiculously fast times, which empowered the business to gain long sought-after insights .

Next, Shane will discuss how things went when, as an interesting comparison, they built the same solution using Amazon’s Redshift & Data Pipeline offerings.

This is an opportunity for you to hear hard-earned lessons and tips from two experienced practitioners. As well as getting an introduction to the respective Google & AWS stacks, you’ll also learn about cost-management and some of the fundamental limitations to keep in mind when analysing data of this size.

Join us for a guided tour of this exciting new technology landscape, and to hear some real world experiences.

Doors (and the bar) will open at 5pm, with presentations starting at 5:30pm. Presentations will finish at 6:30pm, after which we invite you to join us for drinks and canapes.

Attendance is free. If you’d like to join us, you can register here. We look forward to seeing you!

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